Metadata generation

Meta data

The station metadata belongs to the IGAD NMHSs Stations which agreed to share data with ICPAC under the WMO Resolution 40 of sharing open source data with the RCCs.

They include Lat. Long. Elevation in meters and the station-id as they are provided from country NMHSs as can be seen in the station distribution map.

WMO naming convection following Lat and Long was used to generate the unique station identification.

These stations send data to ICPAC on a ten day basis via emails. Download the metadata file here.

WMO WIGOS WIS Compliance

The available metadata in the NMHSs is not comprehensives enough to cover all the necessary aspects apart from Long, Lat. Alt, open and closing dates. Member states require training support to compile meta data in WMO WIGOS compliance Read more

Plans are underway to support NMHS compile extensive flexible discovery metadata for information services supporting access and retrieval to authorized users.

An attempt to compile such discovery metadata was done during the TMA DARE Pilot Project click here to see the generated inventory for the rescued stations


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