Climate database management system

Climate Database Management Systems

Operational Data Services support operational Long Range Forecast (LRF) and climate monitoring:

Development of quality controlled regional climate datasets, gridded and ungridded including the following elements:

Mean, Maximum and Minimum Temperature and Precipitation at temporal resolution of daily, ten days, monthly, seasonal and annual scale.

Conventional Datasets: These are traditional instrument observational weather records accumulated in meteorological service archives. They are actual point datasets observed, recorded and transmitted globally under the CIMOs, WMO guideline.

However NMHS only shares 137 stations under the WMO Res.40 for exchange of meteorological data and other related products here


  • The upgraded Climsoft V4 is installed  to test its performance and stability to fix the remaining bugs;
  • This is done following WMO guidelines on CDMS specification here
  • Five countries are using while Djibouti and Burundi have requested support to get Climsoft installed in their NMHSs. CDMS status of use in IGAD NMHS
  • Plan is underway to install MCH CDMS to manage Hydrological data from AWSsensors installed under the IGAD-HYCOS project within the member states.
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