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Empirical Relationships between Banana Yields and Climate Variability over Uganda

Abstract: Variations in weather and climate have a significant impact on rain-fed banana yields in East Africa. This study examined empirical linkages between banana yields and variations in rainfall and temperature over Uganda for the historical period (1971-2009)
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Evaluating the uncertainty in gridded rainfall datasets over Eastern Africa for Assessing the Model Performance and Understanding Climate Change

Introduction: Reliable observed rainfall data is crucial for evaluating the model performance and assessing and understanding climate change. In many parts of the world, however, observed rainfall...Download the full report

Seasonal Rainfall Forecasting using the Multi-Model Ensemble Technique over the GHA

Abstract: This study evaluated the skill of forecasting seasonal rainfall over the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) using Ensemble Model Technique from a cluster of four General Circulation Climate Models...Download the full report

Verification & Analysis of Temperature and Rainfall in the GHA

Introduction: As a whole, Eastern Africa, including the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) that encompasses the Intergovernmental authority on Development (IGAD) countries together with East Africa region, ...Download the full report

Promoting Studies of the Economic Value of Climate Information

In order to strengthen regional capacity in the use of climate information tailored for sector specific risk management activities, timely dissemination and to create awareness..Download the full report

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