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ICPAC routinely produces Seasonal Consensus Outlooks every season, one-to-two-month lead monthly and seasonal deterministic (WRF) and probabilistic (GCM) bias – corrected forecasts of precipitation and 2M-temperature for GHA. Data for seven GCMs are obtained every month from IRI data library.
Consensus Outlook for MAM 2019
ghacof51_prob_ppt ghacof51_prob_TT2

Climate Outlook


GCM Forecast for MAM 2019
Ensemble_Prec_1monLead_MAM_ProbEmprCDF_BsC Ensemble_Prec_1monLead_MAM_Total_Rgr Ensemble_TT2m_1monLead_MAM_Average_Rgr Ensemble_TT2m_1monLead_MAM_ProbRanNorm_Rgr

Precipitation Terciles

Precipitation Total

Temperature Average

 Temperature Tercile

WRF Forecast for MAM 2019
WRF_Prec_2monLead_MAM_Total WRF_TT2m_2monLead_MAM_Avg

Precipitation Total

Temperature Average

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